Back in Sweden – 3 Month Update (Jan-March 2014)

After leaving Sweden in October last year - we traveled down to Berlin to give the city one more chance as a place to base our company - 1 month later we had left again and traveled to Copenhagen to test the same thing - we were not impressed with Copenhagen so by the new year and only 2 months after we had left - we were back in Sweden. :p After leaving the travel industry nearly 1 year ago - we have struggled to accept the fact that we don’t

Screw It, Let’s Do It! – Richard Branson (Book Quotes)

Just finished this months book (March) - I have been doing this challenge for 4 months so far and still really struggle to get into the "mood" of reading - I really have to force myself to pick up the book each time and start reading. This has nothing to do with the books themselves, more to do with the fact that I feel like I have more important things to do with my day - however every time I start reading I really enjoy the content and learn so much. This

Growth Hacker Marketing – Ryan Holiday (Book Review)

I just finished this months (February) book: "Growth Hacker Marketing" by Ryan Holiday - the book was very practical, and shared lots of useful advice in regards to growth hacking your new company - I took away many new great ideas which I have already started to implement into VeggieFocus, MySkiHoliday & and have been getting some results.

- Product Market Fit is a feeling backed with data and information - companies need to "do whatever is required" to get to

The Confidence Gap by Dr Russ Harris (Book Review)

I just finished this month's book: "The Confidence Gap" by Dr. Russ Harris - which I found to be a really interesting and life-changing book. The book started off slightly cheesy, and the intro nearly put me off (felt very self-helpy and tacky) but as soon as I got into Chapter 1 and started actively working on the tasks, I honestly felt a difference within and couldn't put the book down. I didn't expect to learn much from this book, I just thought it might be an interesting read for this monthly

Unlabel: Selling You Without Selling Out by Marc Ecko (Book Quotes)

My new book challenge is off to a great start - today I finished "Unlabel: Selling You Without Selling Out" by Marc Ecko. I plan on posting a short blog about each new book I read for the next 12 months as a way for me to gather my thoughts and highlight the most important concepts and quotes I take away from each book. "Unlabel: Selling You Without Selling Out" by Marc Ecko was a really interesting and honest book

My 5 Best & Worst of 2013

Well 2013 is coming to an end, so I thought it would be fun to go back and share my 5 best and 5 worst personal events from the last 12 months - take account of what happened, where I ended up and how I can improve my life for 2014 - read on ...

Best of 2013. 1 - MONEY - Sofia and I sold a few of our websites near the start of this year, which gave us the ability to focus 100% of our time on our

The Long Road To Freedom – Turning 31

Well - Happy Birthday to me :p Yup today I turn 31 ... and YES, that's a hard number to admit or say out loud  but every time I do I feel this pressure within which pushes me forward ... it is now impossible for me to walk around pretending that I still have my whole life ahead of me anymore ... This doesn't bring me down, or makes me feel bad - in fact it inspires me, it gets me excited to wake up at 6am AND it has finally forced me to

A quick update from Gothenburg. (September 2013 News)

SO MANY things have changed since I last did an update like this  - I am unable to write about some of them publicly but I just wanted to take the time to give you guys a quick update with what we are currently working on and our plans for the next few months. Right now we are 100% focused on 2 projects - VeggieFocus & MySkiHoliday - these both came to us as ideas at the start of 2013 - the VeggieFocus idea was while spending 2

The Purpose Of My Life Is …

Sofia and I have just finished the 7 day program by Anthony Robbins called "Get The Edge" - this is the 4th time I have done the program in the last 7 years, and it really is amazing how every time I do the course it offers me so many new insights - Life really IS A PROCESS and to think you can learn something ONCE and then its done forever is such a joke … most people get into self-help to sort their internal sih*t out, but

We Are Not Our Past, But Who We Choose To Be Today …

"So where is home? Where are you from?" - has become the most commonly asked question by most people when meeting me for the first time and it's also the only question I don't really have an answer for. I left New Zealand in 2005, traveled to Europe with 100 euro and a dream of a better life. Since then, I have only been back there once for 3 months in the last 8 years. NZ is where I was born, it was where I was raised but I can't call it home -

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