Yesterday it was my 32nd birthday and Sofia gave me the most amazing gift – she gave me a box of 32 of my favourite¬†chocolates and next to each chocolate she wrote a reason why she loves me. #awww ūüėČ

As you all know, it really is hard to get this kind of honesty, feedback and this kind of compliment from another person even after spending 7 years and nearly every day with each other. I had always hoped that she knew and understood me so to share those 32 things she loves about me really made me feel incredibly blessed to have such a person in my life.

Such a gift also serves as a wonderful reminder than your actions in life matter, the people close to you matter and there is nothing more important than adding value and happiness to this world.

It is so easy to forget all these things, which is why I decided to post all 32 things Sofia loves about me on here Рto serve as a daily reminder to myself and others not to forget about all those important wonderful small things in life Рthose things which really matter in the end.

  1. … that there is always time to just “be” with you.
  2. … how you like to do crazy things just to see if it’s possible.
  3. … that you’re unafraid of showing weakness.
  4. … your love for life.
  5. … that you – just like me, prefer to collect memories & moments over things.
  6. … how sexy you look in a suit.
  7. … your positivity.
  8. … how you can be serious and funny at the same time.
  9. … that you are one big paradox to everyone else.
  10. … how much you believe in me.
  11. … that life is never boring with you.
  12. … your long arms that wrap around me.
  13. … how you love being “the handyman”.
  14. … that you either give all or nothing.
  15. … your asian accent when you see something cute.
  16. … your ability to stay strong no matter what.
  17. … your wise motivational words.
  18. … your dream of buying a lambo dressed like a hobo.
  19. … your light blub shower ideas.
  20. … the many ways you make me feel.
  21. … that you always compete with yourself.
  22. … your faith that everything will work out.
  23. … how you can’t keep an exciting secret from me.
  24. … your morning cuddles.
  25. … your passion to help others.
  26. … your mindset of figuring things out as you go.
  27. … your spontaneity.
  28. … your new beard obsession.
  29. … your skill to hack anything.
  30. … how you love to admire your long legs when sitting.
  31. … your schizophrenic¬†taste in music.
  32. … how you will eat this chocolate box in 5 mins.

And now the chocolate box is empty :p Thanks you once again Sofia for the incredible birthday, it really means so much to me to have something like this in my life!