If I Only Had 5 Years To Live I Would …

This was an idea which came to me around my 30th birthday a few months ago – I was contemplating my life, what everything has meant to me and how I felt about getting older.

I thought – if I found out tomorrow that I only had 5 more years to live – would I be content with what I had done with my life? or would I be full of regret and sadness?

Death is something I have been very aware of, and have meditated on the concept for many years – I believe that if I was to die suddenly tomorrow I would be content with my life and the journey I have gone on.

However – there are so MANY MORE things I would like to accomplish, but most of those things are more about ADDING on top of an already worked on, content and happy life.

So I have made a list of extra things – which if I found out that I would die within the next 5 years – are MUST-DO’S for me.

  1. Go on Safari in Africa
  2. Go skiing in Japan & explore the amazing nature
  3. Take a train trip across Canada
  4. Go skiing in Canada
  5. Visit India, Iceland, Lebanon, Israel, Morocco, & China
  6. Go surfing in Hawaii
  7. Get a sleeve tattoo
  8. Have a child with Sofia.
  9. Build AsWeTravel HB into a multi-million dollar company.
  10. Buy a house in the mountains with a wave pool & ski resort.
  11. Complete the 30D-30L mission.
  12. Meet & have a moment of stillness with Eckhart Tolle

Well – that is my life to-do list – to be honest, I was a bit shocked to see that the list was so short, but like I said before, MOST of the things I want to achieve in this life are simply an extension of what I am already doing – pushing everything I do and everything I am to be better and better every day …

How about you? if you found out you only had 5 years to live, what would YOUR must-do’s be?

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