The Purpose Of My Life Is …

Sofia and I have just finished the 7 day program by Anthony Robbins called “Get The Edge” – this is the 4th time I have done the program in the last 7 years, and it really is amazing how every time I do the course it offers me so many new insights – Life really IS A PROCESS and to think you can learn something ONCE and then its done forever is such a joke … most people get into self-help to sort their internal sh*t out, but the more you learn the more Life seems to continue offering you a mixture of growth, challenge, happiness and frustration.

Either this can excite you or it will discourage you – most people give up on self-help and their mission to find core happiness simply because they continue to be focused on the result not the process, then they get disappointed when Life doesn’t work out as expected – maybe their expectations need to be changed? :p

One day, I will go more into details about the lessons learnt from our current Get The Edge 7 day mission but today I simply wanted to publish my updated and current Life Purpose – this is talked about on Day 7 where Tony gets you to dig deep inside and find what truly is driving you every single day of your life.

I realised that over the last 3 years, I have really pushed my internal growth but at the same time I have also hidden away from sharing my advice with everyone I meet – my B.S thinking was that if they really wanted help they would simply ask … so often this has left me feeling really unfulfilled, since I truly believe that I have the ability to help others – just like Joachim and I used to with DatingWorks from 2008 – 2010, but to be 100% honest – the decision for Sofia and me to go online and to travel the world the way we did with AWT really distracted me from my core purpose in Life.

Of course I have enjoyed my life and I am SO truly BLESSED for all the amazing things we have been able to do, but if you have ever had that niggling little feeling in the pit of your stomach that not everything is how you want it to be – then you know what I am talking about – if you don’t grow in Life you … DIE.

It has been eating away at me for some time but yesterday during Day 7 it suddenly hit me how far I had detoured from my core purpose of Life and that I really had to start making massive changes in my daily actions – so here is the current version (I will continue to update and improve this statement, so see this as a work in progress) …

August 2013 – The Purpose of My Life Is …

” … To push myself to be the best and most honest person I can be – to be social, out-going, inspiring, positive and free-spirited – my mission is to help others feel good, and to help them realise that life isn’t has hard as they are led to believe – that anyone can lead a driven, focused, happy and honest lifestyle surrounded by nature, a healthy body and amazingly honest people as long as they are prepared to make the effort – my mission is to push them, to be there for them and to lead by example …”

So based on this … my goal in the next 6-12 months is to make sure every project and task I undertake will be relatable to this statement – the core of which is: to inspire, help make others feel good, help make life easier for others and to connect with incredible people around the world – so far I think the core message of VeggieFocus & MySkiHoliday are aligned with these beliefs.

My Core Values – 2013 Edition.

What got you out of bed this morning? Why are you alive? Is what you do today your choice? Are you in control of your life or did you just wake up this morning to do the same things you have always done – the same way  you always have?

Do you question your life? Or are you just trying to make it through Life without fucking up too badly … unfortunately that is the reality for most people – they will spend their whole life just doing things they don’t really want to do, for reasons they don’t really know.

If you don’t know what drives you, or what makes you who you are – how can you have ANY control over the people you meet, the things you do or any of the experiences in your life?

Of course, the answer is simple – you can’t … and you don’t – without knowing your core values, or what makes you who you really are – you will struggle to truly find internal happiness – you will never find your real reason to be alive – you will just continue living a bullshit, externally-stimulated life, hoping that you can get to the end without messing everything up too badly.

That is why, every year I like to go back and re-check my core values, edit them, update them and make sure they are still pushing me in the right direction – here are the 5 core values which drive the life I have today and why I have them …

Be Honest

For me nothing else is as important as honesty – not just towards others but more importantly towards myself – every value I have comes from this first one – without it I am nothing.

If I can’t be honest to myself, how I can expect anyone else to be honest to me?

One of the scariest things in this world for most people is the honest truth – society is built on dishonesty and lies, so what else can you expect us to learn other than how to be dishonest?

Understanding the importance of internal honesty is the main thing which set me free back in 2003. It’s what helped me to travel from NZ to Europe with only 100 Euro, it got me to sort out my social/dating life, it got me to meet the girl of my dreams, it’s what gave me the freedom to start becoming the best human being I can become – without honesty in this world, we are nothing.

See The Positive

When something happens in our daily lives, we have 2 ways of reacting to that event – positively or negatively – irrelevant of what happens, what is your default way of seeing the world?

For me I work on seeing the positive as soon as I can after an event – dwelling on problems, and the negative will only keep you away from your internal happiness.

So be honest and see the world the way it really is – its neither good nor bad, positive or negative – it’s just the way it is. How you deal with it – which side you pick – makes you who you are as a person.

Be Healthy

This is one value I have struggled with while traveling the way we do over the last 4 years, and this is the value I will be focusing on more in the next 12 months  – more work out time, and more focus on what I put into my body is important.

I have plans on achieving massive success, and I know a healthy body and mind is needed to get me there – my negligence to this value in the past might even be something which is holding me back from achieving everything I dream of at a faster rate.

Knowledge Is Power

Without knowledge, we have nothing – you must Know to grow and focusing on putting the right things into my head has given us the lifestyle we currently live.

Traditional education isn’t something I support at all. I think the education system has played such a big part in messing up peoples views of the world, and if true knowledge was taught, the world would really become a better place. Focus on self-education, teach yourself what to believe, don’t leave that up to someone else!

Be Curious

In order to change your life, you have to get curious. Wondering why things are the way they are opens up opportunities for you to see things from a different and new point of view … maybe even a more useful point of view.

I can really relate to this quote by Eckhart Tolle:

Be present as the watcher of your mind — of your thoughts and emotions as well as your reactions in various situations. Be at least as interested in your reactions as in the situation or person that causes you to react.

Notice also how often your attention is in the past or future. Don’t judge or analyze what you observe. Watch the thought, feel the emotion, observe the reaction – don’t make a personal problem out of them.

You will then feel something more powerful than any of those things that you observe: the still, observing presence itself behind the content of your mind, the silent watcher.

If I Only Had 5 Years To Live I Would …

This was an idea which came to me around my 30th birthday a few months ago – I was contemplating my life, what everything has meant to me and how I felt about getting older.

I thought – if I found out tomorrow that I only had 5 more years to live – would I be content with what I had done with my life? or would I be full of regret and sadness?

Death is something I have been very aware of, and have meditated on the concept for many years – I believe that if I was to die suddenly tomorrow I would be content with my life and the journey I have gone on.

However – there are so MANY MORE things I would like to accomplish, but most of those things are more about ADDING on top of an already worked on, content and happy life.

So I have made a list of extra things – which if I found out that I would die within the next 5 years – are MUST-DO’S for me.

  1. Go on Safari in Africa
  2. Go skiing in Japan & explore the amazing nature
  3. Take a train trip across Canada
  4. Go skiing in Canada
  5. Visit India, Iceland, Lebanon, Israel, Morocco, & China
  6. Go surfing in Hawaii
  7. Get a sleeve tattoo
  8. Have a child with Sofia.
  9. Build AsWeTravel HB into a multi-million dollar company.
  10. Buy a house in the mountains with a wave pool & ski resort.
  11. Complete the 30D-30L mission.
  12. Meet & have a moment of stillness with Eckhart Tolle

Well – that is my life to-do list – to be honest, I was a bit shocked to see that the list was so short, but like I said before, MOST of the things I want to achieve in this life are simply an extension of what I am already doing – pushing everything I do and everything I am to be better and better every day …

How about you? if you found out you only had 5 years to live, what would YOUR must-do’s be?

2012 – Recap

Random list of things in 2012 so I don’t forget:

  • NYE – Stuttgart w/ Itzik – Sofia booked hotel for Feb. instead of NYE!
  • 3 months skiing in Garmisch, Germany.
  • Travled to Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand,
  • Eastern Oriental Express 3 days – 50,000kr train trip – got mugged.
  • Thailand – 1 month dentist
  • Anthony, James & Ian in Chiangmai
  • Amsterdam, Belgium blog trip – find out about Ethiopian food!
  • TBU in Porto – changed everything for us.
  • Bergamo, Italy – broke hard drive – lost ALL photos and videos.
  • 1 month in Innsbruck – loved it, but no place to stay
  • 1 month in Trysil – bad choice back to Berlin!
  • Start brain-storming new company ideas.
  • Start talking about selling our travel websites.
  • NYE – Berlin