The Purpose Of My Life Is …

Sofia and I have just finished the 7 day program by Anthony Robbins called “Get The Edge” – this is the 4th time I have done the program in the last 7 years, and it really is amazing how every time I do the course it offers me so many new insights – Life really IS A PROCESS and to think you can learn something ONCE and then its done forever is such a joke … most people get into self-help to sort their internal sh*t out, but the more you learn the more Life seems to continue offering you a mixture of growth, challenge, happiness and frustration.

Either this can excite you or it will discourage you – most people give up on self-help and their mission to find core happiness simply because they continue to be focused on the result not the process, then they get disappointed when Life doesn’t work out as expected – maybe their expectations need to be changed? :p

One day, I will go more into details about the lessons learnt from our current Get The Edge 7 day mission but today I simply wanted to publish my updated and current Life Purpose – this is talked about on Day 7 where Tony gets you to dig deep inside and find what truly is driving you every single day of your life.

I realised that over the last 3 years, I have really pushed my internal growth but at the same time I have also hidden away from sharing my advice with everyone I meet – my B.S thinking was that if they really wanted help they would simply ask … so often this has left me feeling really unfulfilled, since I truly believe that I have the ability to help others – just like Joachim and I used to with DatingWorks from 2008 – 2010, but to be 100% honest – the decision for Sofia and me to go online and to travel the world the way we did with AWT really distracted me from my core purpose in Life.

Of course I have enjoyed my life and I am SO truly BLESSED for all the amazing things we have been able to do, but if you have ever had that niggling little feeling in the pit of your stomach that not everything is how you want it to be – then you know what I am talking about – if you don’t grow in Life you … DIE.

It has been eating away at me for some time but yesterday during Day 7 it suddenly hit me how far I had detoured from my core purpose of Life and that I really had to start making massive changes in my daily actions – so here is the current version (I will continue to update and improve this statement, so see this as a work in progress) …

August 2013 – The Purpose of My Life Is …

” … To push myself to be the best and most honest person I can be – to be social, out-going, inspiring, positive and free-spirited – my mission is to help others feel good, and to help them realise that life isn’t has hard as they are led to believe – that anyone can lead a driven, focused, happy and honest lifestyle surrounded by nature, a healthy body and amazingly honest people as long as they are prepared to make the effort – my mission is to push them, to be there for them and to lead by example …”

So based on this … my goal in the next 6-12 months is to make sure every project and task I undertake will be relatable to this statement – the core of which is: to inspire, help make others feel good, help make life easier for others and to connect with incredible people around the world – so far I think the core message of VeggieFocus & MySkiHoliday are aligned with these beliefs.

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